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SEO Does Not Need to Break the Bank

If you have shopped around for SEO services I bet the quotes you have received vary in price a lot.

Certain agencies will charge in the tens of thousands, whilst others will charge in the hundreds. So how do you know which one to go with?

Expectations & Budget

Let’s work within your budget & set some expectations and desired goals before we begin.

Work Commences

The initial on-page and off page work has begun. 

3 Month Mark

We don’t believe in contracts so we aim to have results within 90 days!

Make an Impact Across South East Queensland

Drive traffic to your website. We can set up a local campaign that will really drive home for local business or we can set up Australian wide campaigns as well.

Over 20 Years Combined Digtial Marketing Knowledge

We stand behind our work and this is why we do not force any contracts upon businesses. You get what you pay for, for as long as you need it. We just care about getting you results at a rate that works for us both.


Average customer profit per year


Average traffic increase per year

Our Signature Process

It’s quite straigh forward actually:

  1. Keyword Research & Project Mapping
  2. On-page Optimisation
  3. Conversion Tracking
  4. Content Optimisation
  5. Off-page Optimisation
  6. Technical SEO

This is the crux of SEO. Get the above areas working and you can’t help but see an increase in traffic, sales and impressions.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

Our ethos is really quite simple. We get you results or you leave. No contracts, no hidden fees, all we want is results. Book in a free strategy session with one of our SEO strategists today

A Leader in Australia

Our strategies work. We know SEO and we know how to drive organic traffic to your site.

It’s a common practice in the SEO world to lock you into a contract, that way the agency is covered no matter the result. The unfortunate truth though is most agencies will only work on your site in the first few weeks and then let it run by itself. 

You will constantly hear the same excuses such as “we frontload all our work”, “we just need a little more time”, “Vanity metric X has increased this month” and so on. Stop listening to them and take control of your SEO. 

Find out how we differ from the ordinary SEO agency in Australia.

The Art of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – a term used by digital marketers across the globe. A relatively simple idea that is shrouded in mystery and fake promises. Unfortunately SEO is an over promised and under delivered service for most agencies.

However, what happens when you get the SEO right? The rewards can be endless, the money that it can bring into your business is extremely rewarding and you can also really become an authoritative figure in your industry.

What is SEO?

SEO, commonly known as Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of increasing a sites visibility on the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages), so more traffic and prospective customers come across your site. 

Let’s break down some of the more common practices when it comes to SEO


  • The Quality of SEO Traffic. You can always drive traffic to your site, but is it ever qualified? What is the point of having large amounts of traffic visit your site when they have no interest in your service or products. You must be driving relative traffic to your site, and the best way to do this is to target industry specific keywords
  • The Quantity of SEO Traffic. Once you have your target audience clicking through to your site you can keep building on that audience slowly generating more and more targeted traffic over time. 
  • The Organic Results. Organic traffic is technicaly the only place you don’t have to pay to have your business found. However that is a common myth these days as you won’t find many niches or areas that SEO specialists are not targeting and charging for.
Keyword Research & Mapping

This is one of the most important areas of SEO. You must map out your project to get an idea of where you need to target each cluster of keywords and what content you are missing. Naturally your most valuable and highly searched keywords will be targeted to the home page. This may not always be the case, but you must have a solid plan here. A lot of SEO agencies get this part very wrong and it is the main reason you see a decrease in organic traffic if you have an established site and go with a cheaper, inexperienced agency. 

Imagine having some solid rankings for some very nice keywords related to your industry. You are getting decent traffic and sales/leads and you decide to go to an SEO agency to increase the traffic. You talk with the agency and they give you your X amount of keywords that they will focus on. Now this agency (unfortunately this is most of them) will start diving in and optimising around the new keywords without doing any research into what you were already ranking for. 

What happens now is you might start to ranks for the new keywords, but your existing rankings have dropped. Now your traffic is decreasing, your leads are vanishing and the lack of sales is hurting your wallet, all while your seo agency keeps telling you how well they are doing with the new keywords. 

Unfortunately this situation is way to common in our industry. You must do your research before signing on with an SEO agency and make sure they do not neglect the already ranking keywords!


What is On-Page Optimisation

On-Page optimisation is the practice of editing website data in hopes of being listed higher in the SERPS. In short what we need to do is tell Google the site/page is based around X keyword/s. We than optimise said page around the keyword driving the page up in Google.  Here are a few basic SEO practices commonly used:

  •  Title Tag – This is one of the major areas of SEO and one of the first things Google looks at. You must ensure your targeted keywords are in the title and that it is not too long to get cut off in the Search Results. 
  • Meta Description – This one does not have as much of an impact on the actual SEO but does however heavily contribute to Click Through Rate (CTR). The better your CTR is, normally the higher you will rank. So it is vital to include the targeted keywords as well as a catchy description. Meta descriptions are one of the more under utilised areas of SEO. 
  • H1 – A lot of sites have multiple H1 tags when you really should be trying to focus on 1. It is so important however to have a relative H1 that is focused on your business, services and targeted keywords. This tag should also be higher up on the page
  • Responsive Design – Google has been penalising sites that are not mobile friendly since about 2013. This is only going to get worse as we move into the future. Check your Google Search Console for any mobile issues and get them fixed straight away.
  • HTTPS – This is a huge ranking factor these days and you simply must have an SSL certificate on the site. Google any phrase you want and I bet you won’t see many non https results in the top 10. 
How Does Content Optimisation Work?

Content optimisation is a sure fire way to get your rankings up. However Google is really starting to crack down on weak content. Gone are the days you could keyword stuff your way to victory. Google has just released the BERT algorithm as well, which in short targets poorly written content. 

Now your content should be long, engaging and have infographics or images to keep the user engaged. Google knows how long someone spends reading the content on your page and this is quite a major ranking factor. 

Write engaging content about your targeted keywords/topics on each page you have mapped out. Much like off-page work, it is not the quantity of content you write but the quality. If you can write a couple of thousand words that ae engaging and are even shared around, you have already won half the content optimisation battle. 

Other content tips we can advise on are:

  • Get your targeted keywords into the first 100 words
  • Get your keywords in the H2’s and H3’s. This is an overlooked area of SEO but correct title tag optimisation is a very important part of content optimisation
  • Don’t over use your keywords. Use a keyword density checker to make sure you are not overdoing it. Google will punish sites they think are spamming keywords for ranking purposes. 
  • Use LSI Keywords. These are Latent Semantic Indexing keywords that you can find that are common to your target keywords. 
What is Off-page Optimisation

To put this simple, off page optimisation is the way backlinks are built to your site. A lot of SEO agencies have certain ways of doing off page work but this is a real game of quality over quantity. Anyone can get hundreds or thousands of links for a cheap price, but these rarely do anything. 

For off page optimisation to work, your on-page needs to be perfect. You also need to properly plan your anchor text when it comes to linking. Poor off page work is a great way to get dropped from the SERPS. 

Some of the common link building tactics you will find across all SEO Agencies are:

  • Free Citaton & Directory links – This is normally from the cheaper agencies. They tend to have offices over seas that consistently build these free links for you. It is a time consuming task and rarely generates great results. 
  • PBN Links – This is commonly known as a black hat tactic however they still work to this day provided they are set up correctly. There are a lot of agencies out there just using their own PBN to rank clients. It can be a huge risk though, if Google devalues a PBN then you lose all power and rankings. 
  • Outreach – This method is probably the more organic way to earn links. It can be very time consuming and frustrating with constantly reaching out to webmasters to provide value in hopes of getting a link. An extremely powerful way of building links, but definitely not for the feint hearted. 
  • Bought Links – There are many ways to buy links and it can often land you in trouble. Google does not like paid links and can devalue them pretty quickly. However there is also great ways to utilise paid links on high traffic sites. 

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